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Efex Appliques

Totally transform your next project with Efex appliques! These are amazing and will really help you take your furniture makeovers and projects to the next level.  With an amazing range of sizes and styles, let your creative side go wild! 

What makes these appliques so special?  

There are many types of moldings and appliques and most of them have one thing in common. They are not flexible.  This means they must either be applied to completely flat surfaces o have gaps filled after application.  Efex appliques are completely flexible so they simply flex to fit any surface they are applied to! They can  also be stretched to ensure a neat, tight fit.  No special tools are required beyond a pair of scissors or knife and a good contact cement.

These latex appliques have been hand made in New Zealand for over 40 years from original palster moldings taken from pieces in France and England.  They can be applied to almost any surface; wood, plaster, metal, glass or terracotta using a contact adhesive.

We recommend using Selleys Qwik Grip or Tarzans Grip as they  are the best we have used so far.  Apply a thin layer to the back of the applique and also the surface you are attaching to, allow the glue to dry to the touch and then press the two surfaces together and it is done! You can start painting your piece as soon as the applique is attached! Do not use epoxy or PVA glues as they will not adhere.

You can use these appliques anywhere around the home including kitchens and bathrooms. Use on furniture, walls, doors or mirrors.  Use them to create picture frames and boxes.  In fact if it needs decorating these appliques are for you.  They can even be used outside on garden pots and furniture (shelter or protect in extreme weather )

Appliques can be painted, stained or gilded. Just apply your favourite finishing product to get any look your heart desires. From shabby chic to elegant French the possibilities are simply endless! They team beautifully with Artisan Paints and waxes and  you can add a little bling with either Rub n Buff gilding waxes or Fusion  metallic paints. 

We carry 100's of designs, from trims and scrolls to furniture legs, rosettes, bows and escutcheons.  New ranges are being added as the designs are sourced in France.  

Why not create something beautiful and unique today with Efex- just click on the categories below to see our current stock!