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Artisan Mineral Paint

Artisan Mineral Paint  is a premium quality decorative paint that combines the best of old world tradition, modern technology and advanced pigments. It is a primer, blocker and paint all in one which makes your job super easy! With  an inbuilt sealer there is no need to seal, and the inbuilt UV protection means colours won’t fade, even outdoors! Artisan Mineral Paint is water resistant,  washable and self levelling.

Super easy to apply, Artisan Mineral Paint dries to a stunning  smooth eggshell finish that can be distressed for a vintage look or left for a more contemporary finish. Suitable for most surfaces including bare and pre-painted timber, plastic, stone, bricks and metal.   VOC free and eco-friendly.

Surface Preparation: Ensure surface is free of dirt, dust, wax, grease or peeling paint. While generally self priming, an undercoat may be required on difficult substrates such as tannin rich timbers.  Lightly sand highly glossy surfaces to create a keyed surface to paint onto. We recommend application of Artisan Quick Prep to ensure a perfect, professional result. 

Application: Stir contents thoroughly prior to use. Apply two coats by brush, medium nap roller or spraygun. Touch dry in 30 minutes. Allow minimum 2 hours between coats. Allow 4 hours to dry after final coat. For a super smooth look apply with a slightly damp brush or add a small amount of water to the paint. Do not apply in high humidity or when air temperature is below 10C or above 30C.

Allow the paint to cure for 5-7 days prior to use. 

Clean Up: Water

Safety: Protective masks should be worn when sanding existing finishes. We recommend testing existing surfaces for lead and take appropriate precautions. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid swallowing. Avoid contact with eyes- if accidental eye contact occurs flush with water immediately. Use in adequately ventilated area. Please dispose of excess paint and container thoughtfully.