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Cling On! Paint Brushes

Cling On! paint brushes are the absolute top of the line synthetic brushes, for all water based or mineral paints.  Hand crafted in Holland these brushes minimise brush strokes and leave a velvety smooth finish. The synthetic fibre are extremely easy to clean while maintaining their rounded shape. Tipped and flagged for exceptional cut in capabilityand virtually no sheddingyou will LOVE these brushes. The ferrule is made of a high quality stainless steel that will remain rust free for years. With proper care your ClingOn! brush will be your friend for years!

Caring for your Cling On! 

ClingOns! are best used damp so before using dip your prush in water and spin out the excess.  Re wet your brush as required to keep it damp while painting..  This will help minimise brushstrokes and prevent paint hardening on the bristles. Only dip the tip of your brush in paint. When you have finished painting give your ClingOn! a quick rinse and then let it stand with the bristles tips in water.  The filaments are specially treated to release the paint and the next day you will find that almost all the paint will have left the brush.  Of course if you want to clean up quickly use the beautiful Artisan Brush  Soap.... it is amazing!